Game Designer & Programmer
Welcome to my website! I'm 25 years old, I'm a Junior Game Designer & Programer in Paris.
Game Design has always been a great part of my life. Since my childhood I have always imagined and created boardgames on my own. I was afraid of programmation before starting my degree at Isart Digital. Finally, be able to develop games I designed became a passion.

My Work

My Skills

Voir Jeux HTML

Web Development

I started my programming studies learning HTML, css and javascript to make websites. Then, I learned Canvas, ThreeJS and BabylonJS to be able to make HTML video Games. Moreover, my job experience gave me strong bases in SEO management.

game Design

Game Design

I started to make boardgames as a hobby when I was a child. After 3 years of studies at Isart Digital, I learned a lot about Game Design in Video Games.

Voir Jeux HTML

Unity Development

just after having learned HTML games' developpment, I discovered unity3D and C# scripting during my studies. It became my main tool of game developpment.

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